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The timeless charm and elegance of Bossa Nova inspires us.

Founded in 2022 by Michelly Alhadas Starling, New Bossa is a Chicago-based online Brazilian clothing store. Michelly is a native “Brasileira” that grew up watching her mom style her own clothes. Her desire for curating the most distinct and elegant pieces from all corners of Brazil started when she moved to America, and decided to integrate the charm of Bossa Nova with great quality and unique clothing style to every woman that loves to explore their creativity and freedom through fashion.

The beautiful beaches, vast jungles, and contagious carefree lifestyle of Brazilian culture are just some of the elements that inspire us.

The words “Bossa Nova” in Brazil is old-fashioned slang for something done with inherent charm and elegance. New Bossa was created with this same unique style in mind, a distinct and natural expression of the collective flair of “Brasileiros”.

New Bossa is an online multi-brand boutique, offering the best curated collection of clothes exclusively from Brazil. All the pieces are designed and created by Brazilians, using the finest materials with beautiful colors. With a discerning eye for quality and style, we select only clothes made without slave or child labor, in Brazil.

We embody the timeless elegance and welcoming spirit of Bossa Nova!


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